Think outside the software box

January 21, 2014

Have you ever searched online for that perfect software to solve your data collection problem and found out that it doesn’t come packed up in a fancy boxed solution? We have good news for you, your search may be over. Did you know that Coridian writes custom software applications in house? We listen to your perfect solution and work hard to bring it to life.

Here is a true short story about Coridian bringing Lab A’s solution to life.

Once upon a time there thrived a large research laboratory named Lab A.  Lab A received many specimen samples from labs all over their city to store in their large freezers for medical studies, but when the time came for Lab A’s operators to locate the samples for use, it was difficult and time consuming to find them.

Lab A knew there had to be a better solution and so they began their search to find it.  Being a customer of Coridian, they felt that talking to their sales representative was a good start. They discussed the problem with Coridian and found a simple, yet effective, solution.

The solution was to create a system that would allow the samples to be received and put away into the freezers utilizing barcoded labels and scanners, a Sample Tracking Application.

Using with an Access back end database, Coridian’s application specialist was able to create a custom program ideally suited to meet Lab A’s requirements. The Sample Tracking Application allows the operators to import the initial spreadsheet of the samples into the system, generate the required labels and then put them away using barcode scanners. This application also allows the operator to perform multiple types of transactions such as Put Away, Check Out, Check In, Move, and Transfer. Each transaction is logged into a History table that can then be used for reporting.

A handheld terminal was also utilized to allow the operators to perform the move transactions at the freezer rather than bringing the sample back to a workstation. This handheld terminal communicates in batch mode to upload lookup tables for verification prior to moving the samples as well as downloading the transactions to the PC application.

Lab A will be running more efficiently and effectively thanks to their new Sample Tracking Application.

What new custom program could you benefit from having in your workplace?

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