Are Preventative Maintenance and Service Contracts Worth It?

October 24, 2013

Many factors affect the working condition of your thermal label printers, from the environment to the usage volume, but scheduled maintenance can help minimize the costs and damage to your printers and mobile devices. Here are a few reasons why preventative maintenance is important:


Keeping your printers and mobile devices within manufacturer’s standards can help avoid costly breakdowns, emergency repairs and downtime.


Increase the reliability of printed output and readability of printed media.


Regular maintenance, cleaning and parts replacement are the best ways to ensure quality, consistent performance and long life of your equipment.


Critical parts that show wear can be serviced or replaced during maintenance times instead of during times with high volume or demands.


The cost of downtime is added to costly emergency repairs when equipment goes down during production. With a preventative care investment, you can increase the overall life of your device printer and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Service Contracts

You may wonder when a service contract is a good decision. If your company has any of the following, a service contract would benefit you.

  • You run mission critical applications
  • Want to minimize downtime and interruptions
  • Need to stay within a budget and control costs
  • You don’t have staff or time to stop and fix a printer

For more information about Coridian’s preventative maintenance and service contract options, please contact us at 952-361-9980 or e-mail

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